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Trained Labrador Puppies

Here at SoCal Labradors we specialize in professionally trained Labradors and professionally trained Labrador puppies. We realize that not every household is ready for training their own Lab puppy so we offer professional training, for you. We will train your new Labrador Puppy here at our home, or we will send your little puppy to our off premises training facility where we have a full professional dog training staff. Our training staff specializes in molding and shaping your little puppy ball of clay into a polished trained, and obedient, companion. In a few short weeks your trained puppy will be waiting for you to come take him/her to your home. You will be required to practice the training program on a daily basis, so that your trained puppy never forgets the training they received. The potty training will require you to take your Labrador puppy out on a schedule so that accidents are avoided. We suggest that you continue the training that your dog received by working with your dog five minutes at a time and several times each day. This helps to instill your puppy with the commands they’ve learned making them masters at the behaviors they now know.

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 We have distinct pups that we are raising to 8 weeks old and right now we have a few litters; some are here and some are coming. We sell our prize puppies mainly for house hold companions, but possibly for showing or hunting as well. Every Labrador will hunt, but they will just need that direction and training. Most folks we talk to are usually interested in a nice “member of the family” or that “missing piece”. We believe we breed the highest quality Labradors around and we offer much more than the average home breeder.My husband and I do this full time, so we are able to give our dogs the ultimate in care and training. We are considered a show kennel and we do our own selective breeding, so we are first-in-line with regards to the picking order when pups are born. We will hold back a male or female for ourselves to raise, show, and eventually breed if we deem them to have the traits needed to replace their sire or dam. From time to time we find the pup we held back is not going to cut the grade in the show ring, so in that case we will then offer him or her for sale. Be sure to ask about our potty-trained/show-trained dogs because they vary in size, look, demeanor, and age.

     We offer obedience training and potty training for each of our puppies. We also offer some fully-trained Labrador puppies and young adult dogs as well for those of you who would love to have a puppy already trained when you pick him or her up. Our pups leave here to their new families after a minimum of 8 weeks. They’ll have 2 shots and 4 rounds of deworming. They will usually be 10 or 12 weeks old if they were enrolled in training

 Our breeding dogs are our pets first and foremost; they sleep on our bed, and steal or hearts. They have made the cut when it comes to their health, hip scores, and eye ratings, which all matter most in the health of our dogs. Most of them were titled before even being considered to be bred so that we can guarantee to you that our pups will grow up to meet the lab breed standards.

     Over the years our clients have wanted a good, sound, well-tempered, loyal, and easily-trained loving pet and that is exactly what we offer. We have several vets that recommend us and our buyers will come back after a year and purchase their 2nd and 3rd pups from us because of how high we hold and keep our standards. We also offer a 12 month unconditional guarantee and a 36 month guarantee against hip/eye problems.

All pups leave here with limited registration and this is in place to protect us, our reputation, and our lines that we have worked so hard to develop. This is a common practice with ANY reputable breeder.   

     All pups leave after 8 weeks and only at my discretion.This would be in case of a vacation or son’s Birthday surprise, etc. There is a weekly fee for the crate and potty training service if you would like us to do that in place of your typical dog boarding (boarding would be included of course). Let us know if you would like more information, or schedule an appointment to meet with us, as you can find our contact information on the Home page. We are currently taking deposits on all of our litters. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for on the WebPages, please don’t hesitate to email or call us.

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